Community Owners! Earn income from Advertisers and offer deals to your Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Plaiced Self-Serve Platform for?

Advertisers: It's for Marketers that want to establish meaningful connections with their high-intent consumer. It's for: Brands of all sizes, Advertising Agencies, Media Buyers, PR firms, Digital & Influencer Agencies

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Communities: It's Community Owners that want to earn income and provide value to their Community Members. It's for all types of Communities on any platform, i.e. Gaming, Pets, Parent Groups, Professional Communities & more
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Which countries is Plaiced available in?

As the world has become smaller and more connected, Plaiced is now available globally for both Online Communities and Brands.

Which types of Brands are currently in the platform?

There are brands across many categories as this platform is niche/category agnostic.
However, Plaiced is currently integrating brands' messaging within gaming communities. There will be more niches added.
If you are an Advertiser, and you are interested in reaching other types of communities, email the Team at Plaiced to discuss:

What types of Online Communities are in currently in the platform?

Currently, we have Gaming Communities (amounting to millions of gamers) that have signed up to receive offers/messages from Advertisers.
We are accepting other niches/categories of Communities into a vetted waiting list to be notified as a new niche of communities are added.
If you have any further questions, the Team at Plaiced can be reached at:

How much does it cost?

If you're an Advertiser: You pay-as-you-go per campaign based on your budget.
If you're the Owner of a Community: You receive a 50% take-rate from the amount paid by the Brand per post, after it has been promoted within their Community.
If you have any further questions, the Team at Plaiced can be reached at:

Do you screen members in advance?

Yes, there’s a user-friendly vetting process for every sign up to ensure the highest quality network for the approved Members.

The Team at Plaiced have over 26 years of experience in brand and user safety practices in Branded Entertainment in USA, Canada and Internationally.

If you have any further questions, the Team at Plaiced can be reached at:

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

The Team at Plaiced is happy to answer any of your questions. We will respond to you in a timely manner.

You can email our team at:

Can the Plaiced Team manage deals on our behalf?

Plaiced is a self-serve platform, however, we are happy to discuss your objectives and see in which way our Team could be of the most value to you, including Plaiced managing your account.

If you like to inquire further about this, the Team at Plaiced can be reached at: