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Plaiced enables marketers to target & retarget their audience within contextual online communities. The campaigns can be used for top, middle or bottom-of-funnel.

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Why Advertisers like Plaiced?

Why Advertisers like Plaiced?

Simple, Self-Serve Platform

It's a simple and intuitive patent-pending workflow that enables Advertisers to save valuable time by connecting with their 'Bottom-of-Funnel' more efficiently along with real-time tracking. You can manage all of your campaigns with one easy-to-use dashboard.

Brand Safety & Transparency

Plaiced takes your brand safety very seriously. The team at Plaiced has a strict verification process for registering, assessing and auditing online communities into the platform. You also have the ability to blacklist and replace an online community if you see fit with a simple click. We decline and restrict communities that have content related to NSFW, Racism, Violence, Weapons, Politics and Pornography. Our safety team is constantly auditing/monitoring the branded posts within the online communities. You are in control of the entire process with the type of message you send. You can see and track info of the communities prior to and after deployment of your message.

High Conversion Rate

Exclusive direct access to the 'Bottom-of-Funnel' with people that are already engaged and want your category of product/service based on their active involvement in contextual online communities. i.e. Gaming Communities, Pet Lovers, Parent Groups, etc.

Build Brand Loyalty

The ability to target and retarget your most engaged 'Bottom-of-Funnel' through online communities enables you to control your Brand's narrative. This helps motivate and establish a deeply meaningful relationship with your target consumer. With this method of connection and outreach you are tapping into the warm/friend referral ideology with the Community owners supporting your contextual message with their Community members.

Data Insights to measure Brand performance

You will receive data insights from each campaign based on each specific Community. After which, our patent-pending proprietary ai/machine learning recommender system will begin modifying the list it curates to suggest the most optimal communities for your next message deployment.

Value-based pricing

Pay As You Go

Per Campaign: Select your budget, identify your target market and the recommender system will curate a list of high-intent contextual communities to post your message.


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