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An Inclusive Platform that Democratizes Advertising

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To elevate & empower
the underestimated and overlooked

Everyday, evolving changes in technology gives us greater control, and enables us to make human connections that matter - faster. We believe that the next evolution with begins by tailoring an experience that levels the playing field to empower all types of Advertisers & Communities with an inclusive and high-intent based approach.


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Why choose Plaiced?

Your value benefit is rooted into the core structure of this marketplace

Increases your productivity

Manage all your deals and communications in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Provides you access to meaningful opportunities

Explore tailored opportunities in the marketplace by using intuitive category filters.

Saves you valuable time

Connect with the right contacts in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to cold outreaches.

What your peers are saying


Your fellow Advertisers and Creators have spoken, and we are truly grateful

I've just completed my first deal with Plaiced and everything went smoothly and professionally. They're always listening and looking for feedback. Definitely worth a try, they won't let you down!

Thanks to Plaiced, games like ours have an easy and effective way to reach more people and boost engagement.

10/10. The team at Plaiced made it incredibly simple and easy for us to get paid. I would recommend this platform to anyone who wants to earn money with their community.

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**Plaiced** for you!

Join now and try Plaiced for you!

A self-serve platform that enables meaningful and direct contextual engagement between Advertisers and their target market within Online Communities.