Communities earn income
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Community Owners sign up to the self-serve platform. Advertisers send relevant messages into the Community feed. Communities earn income & their members receive exclusive offers.

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Value For Your Community
Earn Income From Brands
Control Fee & Frequency
Simple User Flow
Manage Campaigns & Payouts

Why Communities like Plaiced?

Earn Passive Income

Community Owners will earn income once an Advertiser posts a message in the communities' main chat feed. Communities can decide how many posts they accept from Advertisers per day/per month and how much they will charge per post.

Exclusive Value for Community Members

Brands will provide exclusive discounts, access, key content and benefits for the members of your community within their posts.

Simple & Self-Serve User Flow

You can track & manage your payouts and campaigns from Brands within your easy-to-use dashboard.

Save Time! Deals Come To You

Deals come to you! No more weeding through your DMs and emails to piece all the communication together of arduous and lengthy negotiations.

Data Insights To Measure Community Performance

You will see your Community's performance with each branded campaign. It enables you to identify how you can continue to optimize your active Community and make it even stronger.

Why Communities like Plaiced?

Value-based income

Name Your Price for Community Owners

As a Community Owner, finally, you can name your price! The Plaiced Team will review the price to ensure it aligns with the influence of your community along with other comparable communities.


What Communities are saying

We value your feedback as we have built Plaiced for you.

I've just completed my first deal with Plaiced and everything went smoothly and professionally. They're always listening and looking for feedback. Definitely worth a try, they won't let you down!

10/10. The team at Plaiced made it incredibly simple and easy for us to get paid. I would recommend this platform to anyone who wants to earn money with their community.

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**Plaiced** for you!

Join now and try Plaiced for you!

Receive exclusive deals and offers from Brands to add value to your Community members while you earn income from each post.

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